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Bluff Lettuce Blooming

August 21, 2010

Megan has the eyes of an eagle.  Driving to down Skyline Highway to Fort Funston, she was able to spot a bunch of Bluff Lettuce (Dudleya species) in bloom.

Bluff Lettuce - Dudleya species

Bluff Lettuce - Dudleya species

Fort Funston is one of the coolest dog parks in San Francisco, running along the Pacific Ocean.  This Dudleya above was not the first one we found, but was the best looking best specimen.

Megan on the hunt.

Megan on the hunt.

Here’s the first one we came across…and again, Megan found it first.  I am pretty sure that the red on the margins occurs because this succulent is a little stressed.  SF has not seen rain since last May.

Bluff Lettuce - Dudleya species

Bluff Lettuce - Dudleya species

Fort Funston

Fort Funston

If you skip the beach access and keep walking, you will start seeing more of them.  The GGNRA has been establishing a lot of CA natives in this area including Bluff Lettuce (Dudleya species).  I would ID this succulent as Dudleya farinosa, but it could also be Dudleya caespitosa or Dudleya traskiae.  BTW, Annie’s Annuals usually has some of these Dudleya available and where we picked up our first one.  Other common names for Dudleya include Live Forever and my fave, Sea Lettuce.

Bluff Lettuce - Dudleya species

Bluff Lettuce - Dudleya species

On the north end of Fort Funston, you can see a dozen of patches like this one above.

Bluff Lettuce - Dudleya species

Detail of the Bluff Lettuce - Dudleya species

We last saw these guys a couple months ago they only had the spent flowers on them.  Dudleya ssp also grow readily in many spots along Hwy 1, so keep your eyes open.

— Far Out Flora

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  1. susan permalink
    August 22, 2010 2:29 am

    love reading about & seeing all the fab succulents! No rain since May?? Hope there are a few perfect rainshowers in store for SF soon!

  2. August 22, 2010 8:25 pm

    what a gorgeous landscape!


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